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Nov 29 2012, 11:48 PM
Hey y'all. It is Starfire just stopping by to say hi. I have been posting more now that we are in between holidays I hope to stay active more. Things have been going well in all aspects of my life especially my social life. wink.gif The boyfriend is keeping me going strong. My friends and I are hanging out a lot. I am living with friends that I have known from freshman year. So it has been crazy to be together finally. I have been spending a lot of time with my Rocky Horror shadow cast. They have been great. I am doing my best with school. I am starting off right. I am working at Jimmy John's in the evenings to get some extra cash. That is about it. I could just put this in What's Happenin' GZ? but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and make a fun intro topic. I have been around but I haven't been active so I consider that I have been gone.

As for my story, Wanted, I made an update in the topic but I have been working in a new direction so I hope to post about that soon. I am very excited about what is about to change for the story.

I don't have an early schedule anymore for school so some nights after work people can catch me on MSN if they want a chat.

To the newbies that I have seen join recently: Welcome and I hope to see y'all around some.

I will be seeing you guys and gals more. I am back to the GZ family. Hehehe...

Beware! tongue.gif
Jun 25 2012, 08:30 PM
Well, I am back with the beginning of my new story.

Warning:This story contains mature subject matter that is not suited for people under the age of 18 or the faint of heart. There will be sexual content, foul language, and mild violence.

However, if you don't mind some language and violence mixed in with action and adventure then this is the story for you. It will be totally random after the initial plot is outlined.

So here we go with chapter one.

Chapter One

“I am so damn bored. It is driving me crazy to be stuck in this castle. I need to get outside and do something with my life. Ugh”

Starfire slumped down on the couch and put her head in her hands, sighing. Her dark brown hair fell across her face as she sat down on the couch. She was showing off her slim body and nice ass as her purple shirt rode up when she leaned forward. She loved to wear her favorite color and today it was her purple shirt and her purple studded belt. She had on her skinny black jeans and some grey converse. She loved to show off her cuts and burns form being a chef so you always see her in short sleeves. She also has the outline of a star tattooed on the right elbow, surrounded by two smaller stars. It probably attributes to her name but also the fact that she loves the Teen Titan character. Her close friends tend to call her just Star. She can be pretty tough at only 5’4”. But she is still a sweetie.

“Lighten up, Cher. It will get better.” Dasidreidia reassured her and then reengaged himself into playing Diablo III.

A lover of video games, it was hard not to see him playing his favorite games. If he wasn’t off lost in the stories of the games; he was lost in his books. Das loves to let people know that he hails from New Orleans so his accent can show up from time to time. He likes to keep things plain and simple with how he looks. He keeps his hair fairly short but long enough so he can head bang at rock concerts. He is always seen with a dark shade of sunglasses on when he goes outside and sometimes tends to wear them indoors or even when it is dark out. However, when he is not hiding his eyes behind sun glasses or regular glasses, his eyes are a bluish grey. He loves wearing black from head to toe but he can be known to wear a Power Rangers shirt from time to time. He pulled the name Dasidreidia out of his ass one day and it stuck. Everyone shortens it to Das.

“Das, I have heard that plenty of times before when we were dating and it didn’t get better half the time” said Star a little bit agitated.

Yeah, Das and Star had just broken up and things were a little testy.

Das just shook his head.

“Well, how about your sweet ass goes and cooks for us guys now.” Ravenholme grinned.

Star rose up so quickly at that comment and got right into Ravenholme’s face.

“Go make ME some food, Michael.” Star spat at him.

“Shit! Why can’t anyone call me by the name I choose to go by? Fine I’ll make you a sandwich. I love cooking for the ladies.” Michael walked over to the kitchen and started going through the cupboards.

Michael/Bucky/Ravenholme is an insane bastard who gets the kick out of changing his name constantly. He is probably one of the craziest motherfuckers of the gang living at the GZ castle. He loved to party hard and get drunk which led him to getting in bed with both sexes. He is one of the two bisexuals in the castle. (More on that later) He also enjoyed dressing in all black. He had on a black tank top tucked into pants with a leather belt and finished off with combat boots. His hair was a crew cut that was longer on the top which allowed him to have it spiked up. He showed off his ripped body in this outfit and his arms were adorned with tattoos. He didn’t give a fuck about much except the friends here that had his back.

As Michael was getting busy in the kitchen, the Hardt Brothers came into the living room. They were arguing again over a new hot girl that just showed up in town. In Nebraska that was a rarity to find. Especially in Norfolk, where the girls were known to be sluts and whores, so seeing a nonsluty girl was nice.

“She is closer to my age than yours.” Tyrailius stated.

“That doesn’t matter because I am hotter than you and more charming.” Ryu retorted.

Tyrailius just tackled Ryu down to the ground and they started to fight.

Oh the Hardt brothers, they are both equally hot and charming in their own ways. Ryan and Tyler are brothers that started a board that was all about nostalgia. It became so popular that they built a castle for their friends to get off the computer and live together to reminisce about the decade that they love. So they built their castle in their hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska and got their friends from around the US to come live there. The named it Hardt castle because they like naming things after themselves and also because it was a pun that they lived in what could be considered the “heart” of the USA.

Ryan or Ryu Hardt was the older of the two. There is a third but no one mentions him anymore. He is fairly tall at 6’3” with brownish black hair that is about an inch in length and gelled. He sports a perfect looking trimmed goatee. As for Tyler, he is very well built with sculpted abs and pecks. He stands slightly shorter than Ryu at-6’1’. His hair is brown and very straight. He is always clean shaven. Like his brother he is very well fit with many muscles.

They continued to fight for some time until Nintenking decided to break it up. He pulled the two off each other. Ryu had a bloody nose and several bruises across his arms and legs. Ty had a black eye and a bite mark on his leg.

“Aww damn now. Y’all have gotten more blood all over the carpet, again. This time you two need to clean it up and you should because it is your castle.”

Nintenking is probably one of the sanest in the bunch. He is a likeminded, young, carefree kind of dude. He stands at 6’0 and isn’t muscled up like the rest. He is slim but not lanky. He likes to have his dirty blond hair a mess and sometimes it is hard to notice his big blue eyes. He is also called by his nickname the Big Cheese.

“Fine.” said Ryu and Ty.

“Dinner!” Michael yelled from the kitchen.

They all rushed towards the kitchen to see what he had cooked up. They were all happy to see some pizza.

“I thought I was getting a sandwich.” protested Star.

“Eh, I decided to treat everyone for some homemade pizza. Just be happy that I didn’t put anchovies on it” Michael sneered.

“So why aren’t you cooking food for us Star? Huh Miss Chef?” inquired Ty as he scarfed down a slice of pizza.

“Y’all don’t treat me with respect, so why should I be feeding hungry horny guys?” responded Star with a grin.

“Well, if we bring less girls over and not try to sleep with you all the time would you consider making us some dinner from time to time?” asked Ty.

“We’ll see.” Star replied with a smile and a wink.

Ty and the others took that as a good maybe and possibly a yes.

“Well I am digging the homemade food but why don’t we ever order delivery? Why don’t we have a phone? ” Nintenking asked.

“Castles don’t have phones, Asshole!” Star and Das shouted in unison.

“Yeah, well because of that and we never put in a phone because we didn’t want to pay that bill with so many people living here. We were fine with just internet here and thought y’all would live with just cell phones. Plus nowadays you can order pizza online” Ryu answered.

“Well, that does make sense.” said Nintenking.

“So is anyone else as bored as me here?” asked Star to the group.

“Yeah, I am I just didn’t want to admit it earlier. I wanted to stay positive” said Das.

“I believe We All Are.” stated Ryu.

“Then we need to do something about it or I think we may all kill each other out of boredom” said Ty.

“Yeah, I may be clinically insane but I wouldn’t want to commit murder because of a boring summer here. It has been swell living here with my new friends but lately it has been a bore.” said Michael.

“Let’s go on an adventure!” said Star.

“Like what kind of an adventure are you talking about?” questioned Ryu.

“Well I fell that we need a new member in the castle to live with us. Yeah we get new members to the board all the time but we need a long lasting member that could live with us here in the castle. We need to fill the hole of when Puma and others left us to begin a new chapter in their lives. What do y’all think about going out and finding the newest member to be included in the GZ family?”

Dead silence.

Ty broke the silence after a few minutes. “I like the idea of finding a new member to live with us. We just can’t find a disaster like Rod or Virgo to join us. We don’t need any more bad blood in our home.”

All agreed on that.

“Well, where would we start to look for this new member?” asked Das.

“I think we should head east. No use of going west because the only thing out west that is worth it to go to is L.A., which would be a bunch of crazies ” said Star.

“I like that idea because we don’t need another Bucky. No offense man” said King.

“None taken my bro, I wouldn’t want to have another me around. I like the idea of heading east. A lot of us are from there and we could stop in our hometowns to look for a member” said Michael.

“ Hmm. This is starting to sound like a good plan. Just how would we travel around?” asked Ryu.

“I wouldn’t mind using "The Man Van". It isn’t great on gas but it can hold the six of us and our luggage ” said Das.

“Ok, that could work but where can we stop? Hotels would be expensive” asked Ty.

“We have old members that I am sure would be happy house us for a night or two. We can also make them stops to look for members ” said Star.

Everyone was starting to see this coming along.

“ Well I believe we have an adventure brewing. We need to continue making plans so we can head out in a few days.”

The gang of six started to discuss their plans well into the early hours of the morning as they enjoyed the pizza.

Well, there are a few things that I need to mention. I have pointed out a few things that relate to our real lives and that is because it ties into my story. I had to point out that Das and I broke up because I am trying to see how a friendship would work out in this story. I won't go deep into anyone's personal lives. I do know a lot about the board from MSN but I will be only using my knowledge of where people live to my advantage in the story. I also adjusted my profiles from what I had in The Takeover so it it seems familar to you that is why.

As for the line "Castles don't have phones, asshole" that comes from the movie the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So if you have seen the midnight showing of the movie then you know what I am referring to but if you haven't seen it then I am not explaining it. tongue.gif

The anchovies line comes from TMNT.

"The Man Van" is the nickname for Das' van that he drives.

If anyone still wants a profile for a character then PM me. I still haven't figured out weapons so I would be happy for ideas.

I am happy with what I have going here. I hope to actually finish this. I appreciate any feedback from y'all. For now Star is saying Peace.
Jun 11 2012, 09:32 PM
I have been thinking of trying my hand at writing a story here on GZ again. After I auctioned off The Takeover to Micheal or shall we call him Mr. I can't stick with a name on here and in real life (I kid. I love you to death Michael.), I knew I wanted to get back to some form of writing. I thought to go back to writing poetry. Yes, I write poetry from time to time. I decided that I could post that at any time and I really wanted to be successful with a story. I thought that maybe even though I had auctioned off my story I couldn't just give up on it and could possibly co-write the story with Michael. I learned recently that Michael wasn't getting anywhere with my story but would offer some advice to help me with the story. I thought about that option of taking The Takeover back but I just couldn't because the same problems arose. I just can't write a story with a lot of action. I love the idea but I couldn't be confident with my work.

So about five minutes ago, I was brainstorming ideas again for a new story. I put all these random ideas together and it hit me. If I go with something crazy and random then that might work out well. All of us are a little crazy or weird. The stories that I love have some randomness thrown in so it is damn right cool. I had an idea that I am confident with that I want to share with my GZ family.

The concept of the story is that a band of GZ members go off on a journey to recruit new members to our club. We live in a castle or fortress. I had to put that in because where else will a bunch of nerds live? The castle will be located in Nebraska. I love to play homage to the real life aspects of our lives and also to things on the board. It will be in present day Earth. It is my version of Earth, so if I want Vampires and Werewolves. I will have them. Nothing will have caused there to be Supernatural beings or any other kinds of creatures on the earth but does it have to make sense? No. This whole story is going to be Random. I am going to stay away from us having any form of Superpowers. Yes, there will be dangerous creatures out there but they can be stopped with normal weapons. I see no point of us having powers to help us fight unless we need to stop a major evil. I do see us possibly having futuristic technology but I haven't figured out that detail yet.So this way I can have some action that I want and I know you want it too but it won't be so heavy of a action story. I can more comfortable with my writing without losing readers.

The other problem was taking on the task of many characters. I am looking on having my story focused on 6 main characters. The 6 will be the band of members searching for the new recruits. I will have numerous other characters that will pop in along the journey to be there to help out the main characters. They are looking right now to be owners of houses for the band to stop at for the night or possibly stay there for a while. I will focus on developing the main cast more than the featuring characters.

That is about it for the general concept of my story.

Here are the characters:

Main Cast:

Ravenholme (Michael)
Ryu Hardt

Featuring Characters:

Takeo Tom
Saint Crispy
Darth Illus

I am not limited to the featuring characters so don't be upset if you don't see your name on the list. I am open for anyone to ask me if they want to be in a story. Just shoot me a PM.

I am working on characters but I am open for ideas so post them here or in a PM.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

I will see y'all later. biggrin.gif
Oct 21 2011, 08:43 PM
I can't believe we don't have a topic about this especially for all the fans we have on the board.

In the Marvel Comics universe, mutants, people with genetically endowed superpowers, are a persecuted by a hateful and fearful populous. One shelter from this is Professor Xavier's Academy for Gifted Children. But the school has a secret function as a training centre for mutants to control their abilities so they can function in regular society. It also serves as a secret headquarters of a superhero team, called the X-Men formed both to be a positive example of mutants and as an opposing force against those mutants who seek to force the world to kneel to their perceived superiority. This series recounts their adventures as they struggle to make the world accept them, while battling villains like Magneto, Apocalypse and the genocidal robots known as the Sentinels.

The show ran from 1992-1996. It was five seasons and 76 episodes. The main X-Men were Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Jubilee and Professor X.

From what I have seen while watching the entire series so far is that it follows the comics. I enjoy that the drawings resemble the comics and they just animated it. I really enjoy the show and wish I remember more than the opening and a few episodes but nevertheless its still such amazing show that I believe it got me interested in X-Men.

Here's some clips to refresh your memory:

This clip has some added stuff by the maker but it shows what it's all about.

Do y'all remember the show?
Aug 19 2011, 11:58 PM
Well I finally got something to show y'all. It is a little different from my original idea but I believe it will work better. It is set in the year 2035 and Michael and Starfire have taken over the world with the help of the GZ members who are hired assassins. I am hoping to have some humor along the way with some action and violence thrown in. Just really crazy! Not everyone will be introduced right away so be patient if I said you were in it.

WARNING!!!! This story is for MATURE audiences. 18 and over. It has sexual content meaning it implies things of the sexual nature and possible sexual actions (ergo pretty graphic). There are violent scenes which also means are also pretty graphic in nature(blood and guts) and death. the biggest thing is the strong coarse language. You have been warned.

This chapter is long for me. The rest will be shorter by a little bit and will have a more of a balance between the dialogue and the scenes. Here we go:

Prologue: Let’s take over the World!

It is so sweet to be able to say you have reached your goal. Well now the world has been taken over by two people. Exactly two humans did it! Two people who are so into sex have taken over the world. Two people named Michael Day and Susie D’Onofrio. And they did it in two weeks with a team of misfits. Of course these people aren’t normal as it could come by and could have taken over the world by themselves but that is not this story. They wanted to save their strength for actual ruling the world.

They were thinking this as they approach their boardroom to run their Stabilizing Plans with the 112th Regime. They had entered one of the many board rooms of none other than the White House. Around the table were 7 of the best assassins of the world and now worked for the most powerful people on the planet. Michael started of the meeting.

“We if you haven’t figured it out by now that we want to place each of you on each of the seven continents to help us monitor our new world order.”

He said theses first few words very deep and demonically showing off why he is also known as Mayhem but to those who know his true power he is the Demon of Detroit. Standing five foot seven, Michael Day is surprisingly fit for a man as short as he, with tightly defined pectorals which remain flat to his chest and a lightly defined six-pack coming in on the abdomen. He is generally seen as lean and athletic. His skin has become a sickly gray in color over the years and his veins are visible just beneath the skin. Has an “X’ shaped scar over his heart and a tattoo of a skull with bloody tears on his left shoulder. Head is relatively round in shape with a low-sitting forehead that’s somewhat wide and prominent, his brow overhanging somewhat. His nose is short and straight, turned up somewhat and his jaw is somewhat wide, round and connected to a short jaw-line. Coming from his eyes are cracks in his skin, appearing like cracks in cement; glowing an orange-yellow color from within, as if he had lava within him. The cracks go from his eyes to an inch in every direction. Mayhem chooses to wear simple clothing; wearing skin-tight black Levi 501’s that are somewhat short on him, ending in the middle of the ankle and appearing uncomfortable. Wears black combat boots tied tightly and the upper halves under his jeans. Over his upper body he chooses to wear no shirt, but does wear an ankle length black leather trench coat which has wide lapels, shoulder lapels and a faded, slightly wrinkled look and is relatively tight to his body. He also wears skin-tight black leather gloves. What truly makes him a Demon is his ability to control fire and heat and only a few people including Susie have seen what he can do with it.

“Now there is no point of putting someone at Antarctica so two of you will be on Australia and at least one of you will monitor Ant. while there but you don’t need to physically be there. Star will address you more with each person’s dossier on their continent. He sat down and yet his very pretty partner takes the floor.

“Thanks Michael I mean Mayhem,” She said, grinning. “Here it goes. Ryu and Hails we will start off first. You two will be the ones in Aussie. Ryu you are the leader but we need you to take the most important task of helping out Hails and handling those Australians. You will be headquartered in Sydney. ” Susie starts out by saying.

Standing five feet, six inches tall, Star is slim, but with some curves, her skin tone being naturally tan - as if most of her time was spent in the sun. Has the outline of a star tattooed on the right elbow, surrounded by two smaller stars and features a thin scar on the left shoulder blade. Rarely seen with makeup or nail polish. Has a short, slightly wide-set forehead with a straight, slightly upturned nose with a small mouth; her chin is round and somewhat prominent while her jaw-line is elegantly structured, much like her cheekbones. Has a slightly long neck. She is often seen wearing skin-tight black latex pants with a black leather belt around the waist, the belt buckle being a platinum star and wears knee-high black combat boots - which have black straps across the laces, the straps trimmed in more platinum. Over her upper half, Starfire is seen to wear a tank-top of black latex that ends at the sternum, the chest of the tank-top with two black leather straps - buckled in the back with platinum clasps. True to her name, Starfire commands the fire of the stars and of space. Her Powers attribute to her name.

“As you wish.” Stated Ryu. He picked up his own dossier from Star. Ryu is a true born leader who knows his rightful place being behind Star and Mayhem. He is fairly tall at 6’3” with brownish black hair that is about an inch in length always gelled. He sports a perfect looking trimmed goatee. He is very well built with sculpted abs and pecks. He is always seen in sleeveless armor like suit. Showing off his arm and the rest of his boy. It is true to being silver and very sleek in design giving him a range of movements with his swords. He is known to be very swift almost ninja like. He was named for being dragon-like through his strength and brutal force taking down his enemies. Many people forget that his real name is Ryan.

Hailey Hartford just nods her head understanding what the two need of her at this moment. She is a very qualified markswoman who caught the eyes of Star and Mayhem. And she is very beautiful to look at as well. She has sharp chocolate brown eyes with long voluminous hair to match them. She has a heart shaped face with prominent cheekbones. She stands at 5’10 with a good amount of muscle and little fat. She wears the simplest of clothing as to blend into crowds. Dark black skin tight jeans with a few rips and tears. A red form fitting bullet proof tank top to show off her breasts to get the guys but also helps to protect her. Although she can kill someone from 200 ft. away with one arrow she is just as accomplished with a gun. She is considered the mother of the group (she had a family earlier in her life in a brutal car accident) and they call her Mama or just Hails.

“Ty, you will be monitoring Africa and the Middle East. We have headquartered you in Dubai to keep an eye on the more troubling areas of Africa from there. Like your brother you will make visits to the actual land to see things firsthand. We’ll most likely send you to Egypt if we need you in Africa personally.” Star said this as she handed him his dossier.

“I will do my best with the task at hand” Ty said. He is the brother of Ryu and has always been his second in command in other teams like this one. He stands slightly shorter than Ryu at-6’1’. His hair is brown and very straight. He is always clean shaven. Like his brother he is very well fit with many muscles. He loves using his strength to take out opponents with one move. His superior strength adds to make him even bigger as well as stronger for all to see. He dresses very plainly with Basketball shorts and a variety of t-shirts usually red black or blue. He completes his outfit with his favorite leather jacket and black converse sneakers. He goes by Ty for all of his life and like his brother a lot of people forget he is really Tyler.

“Alright for Pumjetsu, We have decided to send you to Asia. You will be headquartering in Tokyo.”

“Yes ma’am.” Replied Pumjetsu. He has an athletic body type, slender but extremely toned. Peak-human physique. Has long black hair, shoulder length. Not frizzy, but not perfectly combed either. He has the beginnings of a goatee beard. His eyes are deep and icy blue.
Wears black ninja garb. A mask that covers the lower half of his face only. Black sleeveless undershirt with a leather v-shaped vest over it. Arms fully exposed, though wears black leather gloves that are fingerless, tight fitting pants, and a utility belt of sorts. He usually goes by Pum or Puma.

“Next is Adriano. We will send you to Europe and the city is Paris.”

“I will be happy to oblige.” Adriano responded to Star as he eagerly looked at his dossier. Adriano stands at 5’11”with a slender build. His hair is gray, shoulder length with the hair being combed to the back. As for his eyes they are ice blue, with the pupil being slit. Adriano's face has a fragile looking build as he has extremely smooth cheekbones, sharp nose, smooth jawline and a smooth forehead. Also, his teeth are sharpened like a shark's. Black tanker boots, dark green cargo pants with several straps going around the legs, white sleeveless t-shirt, a dark green hoodie, black double breasted full-grain leather jacket open and with the hoodie's hood being pulled out and usually pulled over his head. The jacket has straps similar to those on the pants going around it. Adriano's nickname is Italian for a shark (Squalo) and his fighting style is to basically to rip his opponents into pieces. He is a talented martial artist with his own fighting style where he uses cestus gloves on his hands (basically Greco/Roman boxing gloves made from leather and having metal pieces and straps on them to inflict damage, Adriano's have metal straps on the gloves and on the straps there are small razor sharp metal serrations.). The straps on his clothes have hooks on their ends so when Adriano fights he uses his immense speed, animalistic senses and inhuman agility to use his weapons to leave his opponents a bloody dead mess.

“Well, finally the Americas. Dasidreidia and Nasuko, you guys are going home. Dasidreidia will be in New Orleans to monitor South America with sometime in Rio. As for Nasuko he will be in Quebec to monitor Canada and Northwest United States since Mayhem and I are in D.C. “She hands them their dossiers.

Dasidreidia was born and raised a Cajun. He stands at 6’1’’ with brown hair that is always kept short and neat, and his face is always clean shaven. His eyes are a bluish grey. He isn’t overtly muscular, but he is somewhat built up. He always wears a button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows when he’s working. He wears black slacks, a tie that is usually just a little loose, and plain black shoes. He has a black leather jacket that has shown the wear due to always fighting. He always wears safety glasses that double as sunglasses when he is outside during the day. He pulled that name out of his ass one day and it stuck as he started killing people off. He just shortens it to Das. His power is a command over what he calls Darkfire. It’s a hybrid between Fire and Darkness, as the name implies.

Nasuko is a native born French Canadian. He has blonde shaggy hair that goes below the ears slightly. His eyes are sea blue. He is fairly tall at 6’0 and is slender but still built up. Not showy with muscles like the others but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight. Due to living in the cold for so long, he has learned to control the power of ice which gives him the nickname of Ice Man. He wears a blue and silver suit with fingerless gloves so he can better manipulate his ice.

After everyone got their dossiers they left for bed because they all had early mornings to start their missions off.


After the board meeting, Star and Mayhem were finally alone to discuss their final plans. As they sat down to talk they were both showing devilish smiles. All they really said to each other was this:

“Well my dear Brother we have fooled them all. I just can’t wait to have what is rightfully ours.” Star said

“All in good time my Sister. They won’t know what hit them all. Our true Power shall not be stopped.” Mayhem replied.

They were laughing all the way to the elevator and could be heard as the doors slid shut.

As for the profiles, some were taken form my head and others were sent to me so it may seem off. Adriano is Juselius. I think that should help you understand it all. Let me know. Be Honest!

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