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Reading, playing videogames, jogging/running, gym, movies (martial arts movies at the top but mostly any genre goes), music (from jazz to black metal with the exceptions of rap and dance and their equivalents), going out with friends and ladies.
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Feb 16 2013, 03:46 PM
Hi fellow members,

For you who don't know me, I'm Juselius a Finnish guy who vanished from GZ several months ago. That sums it up nicely doesn't it? biggrin.gif

For those who remember me, it's nice to see you guys again. I know I've been away for a long time now, but I hope that you haven't completely forgotten me. Life just seemed to sweep me away and it won't let me return as active as I once was. I will try my best to stay as active as I can, but I won't promise anything. My seven month work training just started and I also started dating before christmas so I might vanish time to time and resurface again. But that's life I guess. But I never forgot you guys. smile.gif
Apr 24 2012, 10:01 AM
Hiya guys, I hope that I made enough of an impression on you all to not have been forgotten yet. I'm back from over two month hiatus and I'm really sorry for dissappearing on you all. As some of you might have remembered I did say that I might be silent for a while as my school started over nine weeks ago. Well, it started and it really ate up my time more than I imagined. The days are your normal eight hours and not much homework but to get used to the environment, the style of studying, aikido training (yeah, I started to practice it), new people to get used to and the fact that I again have a lot to do on my free time. But I'm back and will visit as often as possible, which might not be as much as I used to but several times per week anyways.

And anyone who doesn't remember me anymore (from the people who have been members longer than three months) can PM me so that I can refresh your memories. laugh.gif
Dec 3 2011, 06:43 AM
We already have the topic Rantings of Madmen but it's mainly used for things that happen in everyday life and whatnot. So, I thought that we should have a topic where the members who play videogames (which is a rather high percentage of the members) can share their frustration taht they might have about virtual reality, especially after Michael, Knight and me almost turned the What are you currently playing topic into a rant about Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Here you can rant all you want but try and keep your language clean *looks at Michael* yeah, you too mate. tongue.gif

I'll start and again I have to go and talk about Skyrim as the new 2.01 (1.20 for PC...if I remeber it right) patch came out couple of days ago and it has brought joy and misery to console players around the world. I have Skyrim for ps3 and it has been painful to play sometimes but mainly it has played rather well (knock on wood) and I haven't been too frustrated about the graphic lag either as the game is just so great. Back to the story, so the patch came out and I have not yet downloaded it as people have been having quite a lot of problems as the thing has broken the game even more. Random dragon encounters have gone haywire as dragons fly backwards and will not land, shouts do not work, magic resistance enchantments do not work and tons of other things have gone wrong.

I know that Bethesda tested some aspects of the game as they informed us that how long it took for their tester to play the main story through (under two hours so he didn't see the graphic lag) but still I would have thought that they tested the performance in a long run. I never expected it to be top notch from the start but it is seriously broken and that is just ridiculous. Add in the fact that their patch which was meant to fix the game went and broke it even more.

So personally, I decided to take some time off from Skyrim and wait for Bethesda to release a patch that actually fixes the game and will not make the situation worse.
Oct 22 2011, 02:19 AM
It is a sad day for the fans of animated Joker or Batman game fans as Luk... Mark Hamill has informed in Twitter that he has now ended his almost 20 year long run as the voice of the Joker sad.gif. Hamill has been the voice of everybody's favourite clown prince of crime in the original animated series, JLA, New Superman animation, two animated Batman movies, and many more. The most recent voice work has been for the highly popular Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games. For many Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger is the face of the Joker but Mark Hamill has always been the real voice of the loony crime lord.
Oct 15 2011, 04:31 PM
I decided to post this on the gaming topic as the entire thing started with game news. So, the gist of things is that Activision has told that they are bringing a MIB game out in spring 2012 alongside the third movie in the franchise.

This news came truly from the left field for me as I truly thought (and also hoped) that the MIB died after the second movie. I did like the first movie as it was a fun and inventive movie but the second one was just simply horrible. And even though Activision has been making some enjoyable games for awhile I'm really skeptical over this upcoming game as movie tie-in games are notoriously broken in so many ways that they cannot be fixed.

My question is: Are you just as surprised over this news as I and what are your thoughts over this subject?
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