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Loving and nurturing the various females of the galaxy. Leela in particular. And of course, polishing my various medals. Or having Kif polish them. I'm a busy man.

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Jan 28 2017, 10:48 PM
Seriously, they make you disappear. Lol no but I love em.

Hey gang, it's your friendly neighborhood Big Cheese. Sorry I went dark a couple of years ago, but life has changed for me pretty drastically since November 2013. I have two sons, and have been through several jobs.

I love my boys, but damn I stay busy. No but seriously, those kids are my world. Anywho, glad to see GZ still kicking. Missed a lot of you guys. Sad to see others like Tom and Ravenholme having left, but hey that's life.

So I am back, and while I won't be contributing as much as I did back in the day, you can bet I will be posting more 'round here as I catch up.

Break out the strippers and the fancy heroin! The Big Cheese lives!
Sep 3 2015, 11:43 PM
Well it certainly has been awhile. Hey party people, I return from the dark abyss of obscurity.

Pumjetsu messaged on PSN awhile back and told me I should pop in and say hello. Nice to see so many of you guys still around. Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, but I have been a busy cheese king. I have a son now, and he is almost two.

Yep...I am a dad. Let that sink in.

Anywho, I may not be terribly active for awhile, as my laptop crapped out on me sometime ago, and my phone is my only means of accessing teh interwebz.

However, I hope to get a laptop soon and increase my activity. In the meantime, break out the cocaine, call the strippers, and hide your sick.

The Big Cheese has returned.
Jun 19 2013, 08:40 PM
For those of you who haven't heard, James Gandolfini [most famous for playing Tony Soprano on HBO's The Sopranos] has passed away at the age of 51. He was on vacation in his home country of Italy, when he had a heart attack in the city of Rome.

I have to say, I haven't been this bummed out about a celebrity since the death of Michael Clarke Duncan. RIP James. My condolences to his friends and family.
Oct 28 2012, 03:32 AM
Well I just caught up on GZU III, [expect a juicy man sized comment to come sometime tommorow.] and I am going to start Halloween Nights next. However, I figured that I would go ahead and post the aforementioned cast list for this tale. The story shall have three major acts. This cast list is just for Act I.

Note that there will be more characters featured in this tale than just who is on this list. However, this list contains all the major characters. All characters not appearing on this list shall have minor cameo roles.

The cast list is inspired by the one Ravenholme did for GZU III. The list contains the name of each character, and a list of their powers. Enjoy.

Generation Z:

Ryu Hardt: Flight, super strength, ki based powers. Ability to use any and all Dragonball Z moves. Group leader and passionate hero.

Tyrailius: Super speed. Able to break the sound barrier at full speed. Cheerful fighter.

Pumjetsu: Ninja warrior. Able to blend ceamlessly into shadows and uses puma based ninjutsu spells. Now wields a ninjato instead of a katana. Smartass.

PRF4L: Fire based powers. Can now create and control flames as opposed to just throwing fireballs. Clumsy and a haphazard.

Takeo Tom: [formerly DJ T-Tom] World's greatest sniper. Has ability to ghost through anything. Missing right eye due to an injury sustained five years ago during a battle with Somalian pirates.

Jennifer Lynn: [aka Jlynn] Holy powers. Purifying spells, and healing powers. Is enaged to Tom, who affectionately calls her Jenn Jenn.

Fid: [aka the Otaku] Wind based powers. Can summon gale force winds capable of felling skyscrapers. Married to Anna Leroux. Big Papa O.

Anna 'Areopagus' Leroux: Water based powers. Can summon tidal waves, and super heated geysers. Married to Fid with three children. Their adopted daughter, [also named Anna] and their two biological children. Their son Spencer, and their daughter Rachel.

Juselius: Manipulation of gravity and ability to summon black holes and teleport at will. Has found inner peace since the death of Z-Bra eight years ago.

Saphira: Samurai warrior. Peak human, and lightning fast reflexes. Expert sword fighter. Has taken over the late Rod Father's business interests and has disbanded his criminal empire.

Chupa: Stone giant. Herculean strength, but not too bright. Doubles as Saphira's personal bodyguard and closest friend.

Dasidreidia: [Das for short] Cajun earthbender. Can create earthquakes and landslides with the snap of a finger. Has two lovers, [Roze and Starfire] and is the envy of most of the men of Generation Z.

Starfire: Flight, solar radiation manipulation, ability to throw Starbolts. Is fierce tempered and extremely loyal to her friends.

Wild Roze: Busty forest nymph. Can control plant life. Lover of both Starfire and Dasidreidia. Sweet demeanor and ample cleavage.

Javert: Powers of corrosion and has a poisonous touch. Best friend and sometimes babysitter of the wreckless Fluffy Mastr.

Fluffy Mastr: Ability to morph into any animal known to man. Heavy drinker and a potty mouth.

Brojasu: Powers of elasticity with the ability to stretch and contort his limbs almost endlessly. Practicioner of ninjutsu and best friend of Pumjetsu.

Evel: Dark wizard with black spells and a master Necromancer. Has grown bald in recent years. Sensitive about it.

Reprise: Master archer. Could give Hawkeye a run for his money. Lover of heavy metal and chain smoking.

Wildcat: Feral cat man with razor sharp claws, fangs, and cat like reflexes. Has a flea problem but refuses to bathe as he hates water.

The Big Cheese: [aka Nintenking] Nintendo based powers have taken preference over his now seldom used cheese abilities. Yet goes by the title of Big Cheese rather than Nintenking. Resides in Hell as a guardian of Shinnok and boyfriend of Aimee. Complete lunatic.

Ranger Aimee: Fire powers and ability streak through space like a comet. Lover of Nintenking and the common sense half of the couple. Puts up with her boyfriend's idiocy with an upbeat attitude and a cute smile.

Nasuko: Ice powers. Can freeze others solid just by going near them. Currently resides in Hell after sacrificing himself to defeat the Zodiac Gang eight years ago.

Florestan: [MMPR Maniac] Abilities based off of the Power Rangers, from weapons, to Zords, to God awful spandex suits. Currently resides in Hell after his fall in the battle against the forces of Hell.

Knight of the Fireflies: Formerly the Eylsian Knight. Was given new title and new skills by the Powers That Be as a reward for personally destroying Bucky 'Leo' Mayhem, even at the cost of his own life. Now channels the power of the souls of the dead through his weapons and armor, and is considered the shepard of innocent souls.

Lord 'Leo' Ravenholme: The being also known as Bucky Mayhem. Chaos based powers and ability to traverse between dimensions freely. Former leader of the Zodiac Gang; was also a former member of the Thirteen Gods AKA the Makers. Was ranked Maker Number Thirteen as the God of Chaos. Now is given a second chance at life by the Powers That Be in order to assist Generation Z in defeating the other twelve Makers. Complete sociopath and lover of women and liqour.

That's all of the main heroes. Others such as Green, Razor, Gispert, and Jefferson will be in the tale, but have minor roles.


Dude: That Dude in the Hoodie. Has powers of invisibility and telekinesis. Always wears his trademark Adidas hoodie, even though the hoodie isn't invisible and thus gives away his position. Aids Generation Z, and is a laid back kind of guy.

Duke the Nuke: DukeNukem2417. Can make anything explode merely by touching it. Is a Gulf War veteran and a take no crap kind of guy. Fiercely patriotic, and aids Generation Z.

ACDC-00-LI: Just called ACDC for short. Is a robotic servant donated to Generation Z by an anonymous benefactor as a reward for saving the world from the apocalypse. Has no offensive capabilities and is mostly used for labor around the castle. Waits on our heroes hand and foot, and has a polite, subservient attitude. An apparent glitch in the droid's programming causes it to dislike Javert though.

The Makers:

Lord Null: Ranked Maker Number One. The God of Death itself. Can kill an opponent merely by focusing his mind. Banishes enemies and sometimes even allies into the Void. An endless abyss of nothingness where no one can survive. Leads the other Makers in their battle against Generation Z.

Queen Laxia: [pronounced lay-zhuh] Wife of Lord Null. Has no powers of her own, but is a lover of cruelty and the suffering of others. Is quite pleased with her marriage to the self proclaimed 'Ultimate Being.' Arrogant, and extremely ill tempered.

Dark Skull: Better known as the Grim Reaper. Is Lord Null's right hand and chief enforcer. Can kill with a touch and has reaped countless souls over the millenia. Supposed inability to be destroyed and powers over one's worst fears.

General Krall: Maker Number Two, the God of War. Is ageless and said to be the being who invented war itself. Has had a hand in starting every major war in the history of mankind. From the Crusades to the current ongoing war in Afghanistan. Was secretly behind 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Commands legions of undead soldiers and is a master tactician and strategist. Oversees all of the Makers tactical strikes against the forces of good.

Vladimir Dragov: Krall's chief lieutenant. A former Soviet mercenary given immortality by Krall in exchange for complete loyalty. Has a scarred visage and dresses in a heavy trenchcoat and bowler hat. Wields dual Smith and Wesson Governors and is an expert shot with them. Is also a master of disguise, a first rate hand to hand combatant, and is fluent in every language on Earth.

Saint Gloria: Maker Number Three. The Goddess of Light. Gloria is a Seraph from an alternate dimension with a gentle, angelic appearance. Her appearance is decieving, as she is vindictive and cruel. Attacks with powerful holy magicks, and harbors and intense hatred for humanity.

Inertia: Gloria's right hand. A seven foot tall Seraph with a dazzling white smile and a penchant for violence. Posseses gravity based abilities and can cause motion sickness in others by waving his hand at them.

Kuroi Shogun: Maker Number Four, the God of Darkness. Said to be the most dangerous Maker aside from Lord Null himself. Is a demon clad in samurai armor with his face hidden beneath an Oni mask. Is obsessed with Japanese culture and his name is Japanese for black commander. His dark powers enable him to summon nightmarish beasts, and when angered, he can even tear through dimensions. Wields a naginata and considers the deaths of Generation Z a top priority.

Zig-Zag: Kuroi Shogun's right hand man. Is a black clad ninja who loves going clubbing and partying with scantily clad women. Wields two glowsticks tied together as a makeshift nunchaku. Despises not being taken seriously as a ninja due to his love of raves, and is determined to prove killing Pumjetsu.

Infernotic: Maker Number Five, the God of Fire. Wields flames hotter than the sun with the power to burn an opponent's soul as well as their body. As his name suggests, Infernotic has a firey temperment and a zero tolerance attitude towards failure.

Sun Spot: Infernotic's right hand. A scantily clad vixen with firey red hair and a penchant for pyromania. Wields fire based powers, and boasts super speed that rivals even Tyrailius. Leaves a streak of fire in her wake wherever she travels.

Father Frost: Maker Number Six, the God of Ice. Also known as Old Man Winter, Father Frost is older than most of the other Makers put together. He appears as a babbling old man who speaks in rhetoric, and is obsessed with teaching humanity about winter's harshness. Can bury entire continents under an avalanche of snow, and can freeze even liquid magma solid.

Snowball: Father Frost's right hand man. Snowball is a short pudgy mute with snow white hair and a face with incredibly fair skin. Can create icy weapons at will and is a silent assassin who enjoys his work. Is the brother of Sun Spot and is fiercely protective of her.

Aquitia: She is Maker Number Seven, the Goddess of Water and Wind. Can create tsunamis capable of leveling mountain ranges and tornadoes that can rip even the sturdiest of monuments apart. Is jolly and good natured, and finds human kind to be fascinating. Nonetheless, she carries out Lord Null's evil orders dutifully.

Mister Mist: Aquitia's right hand man. A man with the ability to turn his entire molecular composition into mist or fog. He can elude and even suffocate opponents. Is cocky, foul mouthed, and considers himself a God given gift to women.

Electrox: Maker Number Eight, the God of Lightning. Electrox can generate enough electricity in his right hand alone to power the entire East Coast for a hundred lifetimes. Summons lightning bolts with the power to topple mountains, and is incredibly sophisticated, refined, and well mannered. Albeit evil to the core.

Boom Box: Electrox's half witted son. A giant of a man who commands thunder. His claps have enough force to demolish skyscrapers and his Sonic Boom attack makes his opponents either go deaf or die from brain trauma. Unlike his father, Boom Box is boorish and unrefined. He is also dull, and considers himself the best at everything.

Golgomor: Maker Number Nine, the God of the Earth. Golgomor is a beast born from the Earth's core. He stands over sixteen feet in height, and posseses unsurpassed physical strength. Capable of earthquakes powerful enough to shift the Earth's very axis. In spite of his massive size, Golgomor is quite wise and soft spoken. He believes humanity is a stain upon the Earth, and they should be removed from existence in order to allow plants and animals to thrive. Has a stone body harder than steel, and is almost impervious to damage. Almost.

Markus 'Dusty' Mahoney: An outlaw from the Old West era. Markus Mahoney was a convicted bank robber and murderer who was sentenced to be hung for his crimes back in 1878. His prayers of escape were answered when he was found by Golgomor. He pledged loyalty to the demon in exchange for immortality. Markus has the power to summon dust storms, and sand storms; as well as control sand to bury opponents with. He is a drunkard, an expert gunfighter, and a well known rapist. How Golgomor [who thinks humans are vile] saw fit to recruit this scumbag is anyone's guess.

Malachor: Maker Number Ten, the God of Emotions. Malachor is said to have given humanity the ability to love, hate, be happy, be sad, be angry, afraid, brave, funny, and everything in between. Can fill one's heart with nothing but negative or positive emotions, depending on his mood, which changes constantly. Malachor suffers from multiple personality disorder, each personality based off of a different mood. He can be mad, depressed, joyous, goofy, or terrified all in a five minute time span. His fellow Makers consider him to be a loose cannon and give him plenty of space. There is only one thing in the universe that keeps Malachor somewhat sane no matter what mood he is in.

June Greenwood: Malachor's cheif lieutenant and also lover. She was an ordinary woman living in Canada, until a chance meeting with the God of Emotions changed her destiny forever. She loves Malachor deeply, and embraces him no matter what mood he is in. Malachor is just as smitten, as June is the only person who brings him happiness even when his personalities dictate otherwise. June has been given immortality and has been trained as an expert fist fighter. She also wields a crossbow with deadly precision and accuracy. The other Makers wonder what June could possibly see in Malachor.

Illustria: Maker Number Eleven, the Goddess of Creativity. Said to be of unrivaled beauty. Illustria is said to be responsible for man's ability to produce art, music, and poetry. Her will alone allowed Michealangelo to paint the Cistine Chapel, and gave Journey the inspiration to write Don't stop Believin'. She loves to draw and paint, and anything she sketches comes to life. Usually for the purpose of evil. She is still working on her ultimate masterpiece...the destruction of man kind. Under orders of Lord Null of course. She probably would be content to let them live otherwise.

Skid Mark: Illustria's chief enforcer and also her sex toy. Skid Mark is a young street punk from Philadelphia who loves skateboarding and commiting small crimes. He spent his days shop lifting, smoking weed, and spraying graffiti. He was found by Illustria and molded into a warrior. She took a liking to his raw talent with a skateboard, and considered it an art form. She gave him eternal life, taught him combat skills, and also the powers to turn his skateboard into a machine gun toting, bomb launching death machine. His board can now reach speeds of over 2000 mph. He uses it to commit crimes and commit murders. Illustria also uses him as a love slave. Not that he minds.

Sinulox: [pronounced sin-yoo-locks] He is Maker Number Twelve, the God of Technology. He is half demon, half machine, with a body of alien metal. He is responsible for giving mankind the ingenuity to invent the wheel, the I-Phone, and everything in between. The unknown alloy that makes up his body is so powerful, that even a nuclear warhead will do little damage to him. Sinulox has a super genius intellect, and is equipped with enough high tech weaponry to fight a small war. He considers humans to be inefficient, and worthy of extermination.

Sinulox's Lieutenant: Sinulox's right hand man is cloaked in shadow. No one aside from the Makers themselves know who he is, or where his current whereabouts are. Apparently, Sinulox has some grand scheme in the works involving his lieutenant. It features a brilliant deception that not even the Hardt Brothers can predict...

Other Villains:

Dominic 'Diamond Eye' Dimmagio: A wealthy crime lord and quite possibly the most narciccistic man in existence. Dominic Dimmagio is the heir to the Dimmagio Family crime syndicate which operates all along the West Coast. Dominic inherited the company from his late father Tony Dimmagio, when he was killed by the Feds. Unlike his father; who was an school mafioso from Italy, Dominic is a dumb guido who grew up here in the United States. He is more interested in working out, banging broads, drinking himself stupid, fixing his hair, and tanning himself than running a crime syndicate. His men despise him, but remain loyal due to how well they are paid. Dominic loves diamonds and even underwent an experimental procedure to have diamonds grafted onto his hands to give him unbreakable diamond fingernails capable of cutting through anything. Dominic is a whiner, but does know how to fight. He is an informant with ties to the Makers, and he is accompanied everywhere by his two assassin hookers; Ebony and Ivory.

Agent X: Highly regarded as the world's greatest hitman; Agent X is a mysterious man clad in a suit of armor with his true identity hidden behind his helmet. He wields a multitude of weapons. Everything from wrist mounted gatling guns, to surface to air missiles, to flamethrowers, to ion cannons, to even throwing knives. Flies with a jet thruster built into his suit. Agent X is notorious for never having failed a mission and is often recruited by the Makers themselves for contract hits. Agent X will kill any man, woman, or child so long as the price is right, and is loyal to no one except the all mighty dollar. He is also a man that Takeo Tom has been trying to hunt down for years...

Death Blow: A mysterious figure who lurks behind the scenes amidst the war between Generation Z and the Makers. No one knows who this man truly is, what his ultimate goal is, or even whose side he is on. The being known only as Death Blow merely seems to be interested in causing as much pain, suffering, and misery as possible to combatants on both sides. Works alone, has inhuman speed, reflexes, stamina, and a high tolerance for pain. Uses a multitude of melee weapons, [blades in particular] and is a lover of torture. Has an insane laugh, and a smile that makes even a demon's blood grow cold.

The Leftovers: These are four foes from Generation Z's past who have all been given another chance at life by a twist of fate. They all have personal vendettas against our heroes, and are willing to do anything to accomplish their goals.

Lord Illus: Sith Lord. Wields Force powers, Sith Lightning and a lightsaber. Emotionless killer who seeks galactic domination and the death of his former allies, Generation Z.

Nash 'Mr. Knives' Powers: Knife wielding psychopath formerly belonging to Team GONAD. Possessing inhuman reflexes and extreme psychosis. Fights only with knives, speaks in gibberish, and is a complete masochist.

Admiral Aquarius: The Magnificent! Former member of the Zodiac Gang. Wields wind based powers, and is an effeminate neat freak with a love of Starburst, and a burning hatred of all things icky and that 'dirty boy' Fid.

Daisaku: Dimwitted ninja formerly belonging to Team Evil. Is an expert with his dual katanas, but is prideful and clumsy. Seeks to end the life of his eternal rival Pumjetsu once and for all. This will be his last stand.

Phew! That should about do it. Don't expect this story to start for awhile, but I hope the cast list here wet your appetites at least. Well I am off to bed peeps. Good night.
Oct 22 2012, 12:21 AM
Well I have some catching up to do in Writer's Craft. I am two chapters behind on GZU III, and I am going to start reading Takeo Tom's revamp of Halloween Nights. I will knock these out on Tuesday when I am off. As for me, I plan on picking up my Mighty Moron Power Rangers spoof that I left to collect dust.

But I need another GZ tale to work on the meantime. I want something grand; something that may even surpass Zodiac. I have been brainstorming, and I have come up with an idea. First of all, don't expect this tale to start until after New Years. I should have a new laptop by then, because I plan on getting one for Christmas, or maybe I'll see if I can find some Black Friday deals. Until then, computer access for me is limited.

This tale is going to take place eight years after Zodiac ends; same timeline and cast of characters. It basically features our beloved heroes, [a little older, but not any wiser biggrin.gif ] and a shit-storm of epic proportions.

The basic plot in a nutshell? Well most of our heroes are still lounging about in their castle in the middle of nowhere. There has been nothing exciting going on since the downfall of the Zodiac Gang and their apocalypse. Fid and Anna are married with kids. Tom and Jlynn are an item, and Tom is now missing an eye. Pumjetsu is still a badass. Evel has become bald. blink.gif But one day, the peace is shattered.

A new batch of baddies from the realm of immortals shows up. Except these guys are on a whole other level. They are Gods who represent the very things that make up our planet; fire, ice, wind, water, even some who represent light, darkness, and death. They call themselves the Makers. There are thirteen in all and as it turns out our old apocalypse loving Bucky Mayhem was one of them. He represented Chaos of course, but branched off from his twelve compatriots to form his little Zodiac Gang. Now the other 12 Makers and their minions want revenge for his death. These guys are on a whole other level than anything our heroes have ever experienced.

As for the cast of this tale; it will be far less expansive for this story. Nor will this story hopefully be as long as Zodiac. I want to keep the cast smaller and give all the heroes and villains more story time. I plan on working Ravenholme, Illus, and Knight's characters back into the story since they are active members. But I will be scaling back on the inactive members. They will still be present, but far less vital in this tale with the exception of a select few; Aimee, Anna, Evel, and Wildcat.

Also, I plan on only using original characters for this story; be they hero or villain. So no battles against Xigbar, Davy Jones, or fighting alongside Deadpool and Batman. I really want this final tale to be all about original heroes and villains. Shinnok and other TV/movie/video game characters will pretty much be reduced to cameos this time around.

As for original villains I have created in the past; they will also not play a role with the exception of three. No Team Evil, Team GONAD, or Zodiac Gang comebacks. I only plan on bringing back three past foes, [one from each of the aforementioned groups] to hound our heroes again. Not gonna tell you guys who though. Just take a guess. Anyone who guesses all three gets an e-cookie via PM. All other past foes will be reduced to cameos for scenes involving Hell. There will be a few.

I also plan on going back to the script style of writing and not the narrative style used in Zodiac. Sorry if you were a fan of the narrative style, but I really feel that script is so much easier to work with. I will post a cast list here in a couple of weeks, so look out for that.

This shall be my final GZ related story, as I don't want to beat a dead horse and I feel that I have gone as far as I can with this series after this. You can damn sure bet that this final tale will still be a doozy. I hope you guys are excited for it. I know I am.

Peace fellow writers.
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