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Jul 20 2017, 08:25 PM
Where has the time gone? It's hard to believe Generation Z has been around for 11 years already. Even scarier is the fact that Generation Z has been hosted by JCInk for seven years now. The forums officially turned eleven on July 8th.

We would like to thank everyone who has ever been a part of the forums and everyone who has stayed with us over the years. We have had some struggles, but we are glad you were here with us through them. Break out the champagne and party hats! It's time to celebrate!
Jul 20 2017, 08:14 PM
Bandai announced new additions to their Legacy figure line this morning during the Power Rangers Toys & Collectibles Power Hour panel at San Diego Comic Con this morning. Bandai surprised many fans revealing that the next line of their Legacy figures would be the evil Psycho Rangers! Bandai currently releases each team in waves, which are only available in stores for a limited time with a $19.99 price point.

The Psycho Rangers will be part of waves seven and eight. The previous lines have consisted of: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

The Psycho Rangers will be joined by the Dino Thunder White Ranger and In Space Silver Ranger figures.

Psycho Rangers to be included:
• Red Psycho Ranger
• Blue Psycho Ranger
• Black Psycho Ranger
• Yellow Psycho Ranger
• Pink Psycho Ranger

Four of the Psycho Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow) and In Space Silver Ranger will form a Build-A-Figure Alpha 5. The Dino Thunder White Ranger will come with a piece towards a Build-A-Figure Dino Thunder Megazord. All of the figures will also come with weapons.
Jul 20 2017, 07:19 PM
Link Park lead singer, Chester Bennington, was found dead in his home near Los Angeles this morning. Bennington was 41. His death was by apparent suicide.

Bennington helped Linkin Park become one of the most successful bands in the 2000's. Linkin Park's debut album, "Hybrid Theory" was one of the best selling albums of the 2000's. Six million copies of the bands second album, "Meteora" sold in 2003. Linkin Park became Billboard's No. 1 act of the 2000's for both rock songs and alternative music.

I was shocked when I heard the news this morning. Linkin Park was a cornerstone of my teenage years and Bennington was one of the many voices of my youth.

I wonder if the lyrics in the music video "Heavy" are how Bennington always felt. "Heavy" was another No. 1 hit by Linkin Park and it was released just this year. Linkin Park had so many top songs that it is hard for me to list a favorite. Rest in peace, Mr. Bennington. Your voice will live on.
Jul 17 2017, 05:40 PM
As you have probably noticed, Generation Z was virtually unusable the past week thanks in large part to PhotoBucket. PhotoBucket was where we and many other forums hosted images for many years. Unfortunately, they decided to put down the axe on image hosting. Without notice, they pulled all of our images and want $400 in order to share images.

Right now we are looking for a new image hosting service. It is going to take quite awhile to get everything back up to snuff, but for now I managed to get the After Dark skin back in working order. I am hoping to have the normal blue/white Generation Z skin back up by the end of the week.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you want to read why it took so long to update the skin, click here.
Jun 1 2017, 01:42 PM
Recently, Google became very aggressive about flagging websites that were not 'HTTPS' compatible. In order to remedy this situation, Jcink has added a secure link to the forums. Each link to Generation Z is protected, but the new 'HTTPS' link means all traffic between your browser and server will be automatically encrypted and cannot be monitored by a third party. While it is not important to use the 'HTTPS' link while browsing at home, it is essential to be secure if you are using public WiFi.

You will know if you are using the secure website by looking at your address bar. If it says https:// and there is a green lock icon or something similar, then you are browsing with full encryption.

The only way to avoid the "not secure" notification on your browser is to begin using the newer secure link. Eventually, all the 'HTTP' links will be phased out. The secure URL to use to access Generation Z is:

Please begin using the updated URL. We are requesting members update their signatures to hosts that are secure. Photobucket is the most popular image-host and is secure. I will also be going through and editing links and signatures to the secure Photobucket links as I see them. If you notice any broken links or images, please bring them to my attention. I will check into the issues with the links and update them as I see fit.
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